Taylored Project

In my project I decided to examine the period in Chritobal Balenciaga’s career where he ceased his creating at all.  In the year 1968, he announced that he is closing the “House of Balenciaga”, an announcement that left his loyal customers shocked. His close associates claimed that he was tired from creating in the “New world”, which had so significantly changed from the one he knew.

That period of time where the world had changed, raised my curiosity and made me wonder, what happened during those years that influenced Balenciaga to stop his career, while he was at his peak of success, and give up his life work.

Finally, I chose to compare the period in which Balenciaga felt as if the world is changing, to these days, where the term “Screens generation” represents the essence of the “digital society”.


After my profound research, I chose to deal with the tension between the bi-dimension and tri-dimension, and tried to bring an ironic, exaggerated and slightly ridicule touch to my project. Some elements of the garment were made flat, while in others I chose to ignore the traditional construction, in order to make them look flat.

I chose to create the entire suit in a checker’s fabric, in black and white. By that, I believe I achieved the concept of flat design, which keeps the observer hypnotized and blurry – as a symbol to staring into a screen.

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